Applications sent to the organizer (Agentura Inforpres, s.r.o.) are binding for the exhibitor. The organizer may decide to accept, reduce, or refuse applications without being obliged to justify its decision. The exhibitor is obliged to state all its co-exhibitors in the binding application, fill in the exhibit overview, and unconditionally observe the nomenclature of the exhibition. Exhibits that are not listed in the “Exhibit Overview”, not corresponding with the nomenclature, or not additionally approved by the organizer before the exhibition will be excluded.

All assembly companies and exhibitors must follow the Technical and Safety Regulations and Organizational Guidelines for the exhi- bition. In the case of non-compliance, the organizer will not allow operation of the stand. Wall hydrants, fire alarms, fire extinguis- hers, and other safety equipment must not be obstructed. Any modifications to the building during the exhibition are prohibited. Architectural design and operation of the stand must not interfere with or restrict nearby expositions. An exhibitor whose exhibition exceeds 250 cm in height and which borders from the rear or from the side neighbouring stands, is obliged to keep their wall above 250 cm structurally and graphically neutral (without advertising of any kind). Exhibitors are entitled to promo- te their products and services only in their own expositions or by means of other ordered presentations. Leaflets and other promotional materials may not be distributed outside the stand or dedicated location. For product demonstrations in the exhibition buildings in o- peration, exhibitors must consult the organizer. There is a strict ban on smoking or manipulation with open flame in the entire buil- ding (for assembly work, it is possible use only hand tools with functional exhaustion). It is forbidden to freely connect expositions to electricity (connection can be arranged only though exhibition staff), use textile adhesive tapes. When gluing carpets, it is necessary to use a paper strip below double-sided sticky tape. Companies are required to return the exhibition area to the organizer in a clean and undamaged condition. Any damage to the exhibition area, building, ordered exhibiti- on stand, equipment, or organizer’s facilities must be reinstated or paid for by the exhibitors. It is not allowed to attach any exhibits or banners to the exhibition building. Companies who have ordered water supply and drainage will have this facility in operation every day of the exhibition, starting at 9 a.m. and finishing at 6 p.m. No water supply or drainage will be available during installation of the exhibition.

Exhibitors who ensure construction of the stand by themselves are required to:

send to the organizer a design of their exposition for approval; exhibitors are fully liable for the activities of assembly companies (and compliance with Technical and Safety Regulations and Organizational Guidelines for the exhibition and meeting all deadlines for assembling and dismantling)
Exhibitors must order supply of electricity and water only with the organizer
For multi-storey stands and exhibitions higher than 3 m, exhibitors must provide a project structural analysis.
For the construction of stands may be used only non-flammable materials or materials with flame-proof finish.

After receiving a binding application, exhibitors are allotted their exhibition area and receive an invoice for the ordered services. Exhibitors must make the respective payment in time. Failure to comply with this obligation will entitle the organizer to cancel the participation of the exhibitor at the exhibition. In case of cancellation by the exhibitor before the deadline of 1 December 2019, the cancellation fee will be 50% (or 100% after this date).

The organizer is not responsible to exhibitors or co-exhibitors for any loss, destruction or damage to any exhibits, stand equipment, exhibition facilities, or items left in the stand (regardless of whether the theft, destruction, or damage to that items occurred before, du- ring, or after the exhibition). Exhibitors are obliged to take out insurance for such purpose.

In the event that the organizer is unable, through circumstances outside their control (force majeure, e.g. natural disasters, an epidemic, official ban), to open the exhibition or ensure the contracted time and duration of the exhibition, or ensure the exhibition over the entirety of the contracted exhibition area, it shall inform the exhibitor of such fact without delay, who will not thereby be entitled to claim compensation for any damage incurred as a result. The organizer is entitled to use any payment already made by the exhibitor for the exhibition to settle costs already expended in connection with the preparation and organization of the exhibition. All obligations of the organizer which arose from the entered into contract on the participation of the exhibitor at the exhibition shall in such cases be rendered void.

Construction of expositions and installation of exhibits: 17 January 2020 from 7:00 to 18:00
18 January 2020 from 7:00 to 18:00
19 January 2020 from 7:00 to 18:00
Disassembly of expositions and removal of exhibits: 23 January 2020 from 18:15 to 24:00
24 January 2020 from 7:00 to 13:00

Delivering and removing of exhibits and assembly and dismantling of stands are subject to the instructions of the organizer. Exhibitors are obliged to complete the installation of the exposition by the deadline set by the organizer. It is not permissible to dismantle the ex- position and remove exhibits during the exhibition.

For more instructions regarding Infotherma 2020, please visit www.infotherma.cz, section Instructions for Exhibitors.

The participants of the exhibition confirm that they are properly informed and agree with the above conditions.

All prices are without VAT and valid for the duration of the exhibition