Dear exhibitors and visitors.

Thank you very much for your cooperation so far. We would like to inform you that due to the current pandemic situation Infotherma will not be organized in 2021. We decided based on a careful consideration of all factors and risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic that could affect the large financial losses for all exhibitors in the event that Infotherma could not take place due to government regulations or with significant restrictions.

The 28th annual international exhibition Infotherma will take place on January 24-27, 2022 in Ostrava.

You already have the opportunity to inform us in the attached form without obligation about your requirements for Infotherma 2022. These requirements, which are now non-binding, will be taken into account in the preparation and organization of the exhibition.

We have intensively started preparations for the 28th year of Infotherma 2022 and we believe that we will meet you there again in full force.

We look forward to news from exhibiting companies and meeting you at Infotherma 2022.

News about Infotherma 2020
Registration for the exhibition INFOTHERMA 2020 - Binding Application


Invitation to the INFOTHERMA 2020 exhibition

27th international exhibition Infotherma
January 20th - 23rd, 2020, Černá louka Exhibition Grounds Ostrava, Czech Republic 

About technical news, cooperation and visions for the future

It has become a tradition that the second half of January is inherently connected with the date of the international exhibition Infotherma. At the Černá louka Exhibition Grounds Ostrava, leading manufacturers, retailers, assembly and service companies and professional public are meeting there every year to introduce to visitors the latest trends in modern heating and economic housing.

On January 20th to 23rd, 2020, the 27th Infotherma exhibition which is, traditionally devoted to heating, energy savings and meaningful use of renewable resources in small and medium-sized buildings, will take place at the Černá louka Exhibition Grounds in Ostrava. It is the largest such specialized exhibition in the Czech Republic where European and global brands for products which are needed for the thermal comfort of our homes are represented. The exhibition seeks to map technical progress and become an annual meeting place for professionals, exhibitors and visitors.

The exhibition includes a professional accompanying program, an entrance exhibition “House full of energy and information” and an internet competition “Top products of exhibitors Infotherma 2020”.

We look forward to seeing traditional exhibitors and inviting new manufacturers, retailers and distributors to the exhibition, and we hope that the exhibition will be once again a meeting place for those who are interested in heating and energy savings in small and medium-sized buildings.

Inforpres agency, organizer of Infotherma exhibition
Jaroslav Kocán, project manager, +420 737 169 106, info@infotherma.cz




Press release Infotherma 2019

We are pleased that the Infotherma 2019 exhibition has been totally occupied by 345 home and foreign companies and institutions. We would like to thank all the exhibitors for their participation. 26200 visitors saw the Infotherma 2019 exhibitions.

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Infotherma 2019 Printed Catalog

Pavilion A1- 1st floor
Pavilion NA1 - 1st floor
Pavilion NA2 - 2nd floor
Pavilion A2 - 2nd floor
Outdoor exhibition areas

Professional accompanying program Conference center 3rd floor and entrance hall A1


We strongly distance ourselves from MULPOR Company S.R.L., EXPO GUIDES etc. with which we have nothing in common and companies have nothing to do with the Infotherma exhibition. Please do not respond to any of their calls. www.spolecna-obrana.estranky.cz

Video report TZB-Info from Infotherma 2018


The auspices of the Infotherma 2020 exhibition have been taken over

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Infotherma 2019

In January 2017 took place the 24th annual international exhibition Infotherma. Infotherma presents innovations from home and abroad in heating, saving energy and renewable resources as well as hot water preparation, air conditioning and other fields. Speaking at the event are Pavla Sluková, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Dagmar Kopačková, Director of the of the portal TZB-info and exhibition guarantor, Evžen Tošenovský, MEP and Vladimír Sochor, Departmental Director at the Minister of Industry and Trade.

We strongly distance ourselves from the company EXPO GUIDES

We strongly distance ourselves from the company EXPO GUIDES: we have nothing in common with such company, and such company has nothing to do with the exhibition Infotherma. www.spolecna-obrana.estranky.cz