Press release Infotherma 2017

On Monday 23 January 2017, at 9:00, the gates swung open on the 24th annual international exhibition Infotherma 2017, devoted to heating, saving energy and the effective use of renewable resources.

Experience from previous years has taught us that the majority of visitors came thoroughly prepared with a pre-defined goal — what they wanted to see, what new piece of information they wanted to find out, and where they could and should find progress in healthily heating their homes as affordably as possible.

In terms of exhibitors, every year the numbers of those wanting to present at the exhibition has grown, but the capacity of the Ostrava Exhibition Centre is limited. For 2017, in consultation with exhibitors, 366 foreign and domestic companies and organizations were chosen to participate. At Infotherma 2017, space was granted to 156 companies who were presenting a complete assortment of domestically manufactured and imported boilers — those   powered by solid fuels and gas, electric boilers, oil boilers and burners, biomass and wood gas boilers, condensing boilers, fireplaces and fireplace liners. Some of these were in operation in the outdoor exhibition areas.

The second largest group focused on energy conservation, and was represented by companies dealing in measuring and regulation technology, insulation and thermal compounds, window and door replacement, thermal regulatory roller shutters and blinds, co-generation units, air conditioning, ventilators, humidifiers, recuperators using waste heat and low-energy and passive buildings. This and other topics were the focus of 138 companies.

The theme of the exhibition was a radically new perspective on effective opportunities to use renewable resources in the form of decentralized energy production, with the possibility of storing excess production in a new type of battery. The first exhibition in the entrance pavilion demonstrated how the company Fenix in Jeseníky had approached the topic last year. The decentralization of renewable energy production and storage was the theme of numerous other companies, some of whom examined possibilities for charging up electric cars.

Each year the expert accompanying programme grows, rising to the challenge of helping visitors navigate their way through a forest of data and facts. In addition to the Congress Centre, which hosts conferences and seminars, space was set aside in the entrance pavilion for lectures, seminars and consultations. Over the course of the 4-day Infotherma 2017, 32 such events were held here.

In its exhibition preparations and implementation, organisers Agentura Inforpres rely on co-operation with thirty-nine media partners and a host of other collaborators.

Over Infotherma’s 24 years, very friendly relationships have been built up with the majority of exhibitors, who jointly help us objectively prepare the exhibition and provide visitors with comprehensive and reliable information.

In the course of 24 annual instalments, the event has hosted 6,767 exhibitors from home and abroad, and the exhibition has been attended by 629,000 visitors.

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